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Services agency for companies and individuals
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Servizi di segretariato "al bisogno" erogabili in tutta Italia

Elenco servizi

Too much work? Too many commitments?

We'll take care of it!

We can run any type of errand for you

Cataloghiamo la Vostra collezione scegliendo il metodo più idoneo

Servizio di Catalogazione delle Collezioni

Questo servizio può essere richiesto per tutte le tipologie di collezioni: oggettistica, antiquariato, modernariato, design, libri, dischi, cartoline, ecc.
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Siamo specialisti nell'organizzare il tempo libero dei vostri clienti aziendali

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Professionalism and privacy guaranteed

We guarantee you the utmost professionalism, by respecting privacy policies and protecting your private data.

Easy cancel

Cancellation policy without cancellation fee within the required deadline.

Personalised services

Can't find the service that's right for you?
Contact us to request your personalized service.

Subscription-based services

Various subscription-based services are available on a monthly basiis.

Services agency for companies and individuals

Multiservizi Bergamo is an agency that offers to companies and individuals a wide range of innovative services, from processing various errands to secretariat services “to the need”, from cataloguing different kinds of art collections to the creation or reorganization of digital archives, and many other useful and supportive services.
Company services are deliverable everywhere in Italy.
Individual support services are only available in Bergamo and province, exception made for our collection cataloguing services, deliverable everywhere in Italy...

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