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Category B

Corporate services

Remote or on premises Secretarial services. Outsourcing secretarial activities allows entrepreneurs and professionals to make use of a valid professional support with flexibility of use, to reduce costs and reduce the workload.

Phone call management
Monthly subscription
Management of calls via call transfer, with sending of a summary message in real time via email or WhatsApp, containing the contact details of the caller and the reason for the call
€ 85.00 BASIC subscription (50 calls / month)
€ 120.00 ADVANCED subscription (80 calls / month)
€ 195.00 GOLD subscription (150 calls / month)

Schedule management with shared calendar
Monthly subscription
€ 200.00 / month (100 entries)

Correction of drafts, catalogs, brochures, etc.

Organization of dinners and company events
Servizio di organizzazione cene, eventi e feste aziendali personalizzati, prestando la massima attenzione ad ogni dettaglio e collaborando con il cliente per soddisfare ogni sua esigenza.
20% on the budget valued for the realization of the event

Organizzazione e programmazione del tempo libero dei clienti aziendali
Nell'ambito della nostra offerta di servizi turistici, siamo specializzati nell'organizzazione e programmazione del tempo libero dei clienti aziendali, assistendoli durante la loro permanenza sul territorio bergamasco, sia per poche ore che per intere giornate, anche in lingua inglese e francese e fornendo tutti i trasferimenti in auto privata con autista. I programmi, personalizzati, vengono creati considerando il paese d'origine dei clienti, il target, i loro usi e costumi, gli interessi personali. Per le visite alla città di Bergamo ed a luoghi storici e artistici ci avvaliamo di guide abilitate.
Preventivo su richiesta

Booking infos

Booking procedure

— For outsourcing services

Remote secretarial services can be requested by telephone quickly and easily . to the n. 035 4504647 (from Monday to Friday 9am-6pm) or n. 339 329677I (every day) or by sending an email to:

A preliminary meeting is set up for our consultants to draft a first profile of the commissioning company, gathering all the necessary data and information to manage the phone calls. We will identify response modes, "special" clients to be forwarded to specific departments and communications to be given to callers according to the time of day. Then follows a service of schedule management through a shared calendar upon request.

Should clients wish to work undisturbed, a call transfer service will be set up and calls will be forwarded to an extension provided by us. From that moment on, we will take care of all incoming calls according to previously provided instructions. At the end of the call, an sms or email will be sent to the clients, including caller's information and the reason for the call. This service allows our clients to recontact the callers depending on priority.

— For different types of services

All services can be delivered from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm, except for those with a designated date and time

The services must be booked in advance according to their category:

  • CATEGORY A) 3 days notice
  • CATEGORY B) 2 weeks notice
  • CATEGORY C) 1 week notice

To request services to be held on Saturdays it is necessary to book at least 7 days before (category A), 20 days before (category B), 14 days before (category C) of the date on which the service is provisioned.
For services of an urgent nature or outside the aforementioned time a commission of € 15.00 / service will be applied.

Cancellation policy without penaly with full refund within the set terms
Book online
What is outsourcing
Outsourcing secretarial activities allows entrepreneurs and professionals to use a valid support in the process that goes from a cost reduction to the strategic transformation of the business models. By outsourcing non-core activities not directly related to the production of profit and entrusting them to specialized external agencies, it is possible to free the internal potential of your company. The result is in most cases a clear improvement in the services rendered to the customer, for example through telephone availability and a secretarial service, combined with a significant gain in terms of time and efficiency.
The advantages of outsourcing
  • Possibility to focus only on the main activities of your work and to work undisturbed
  • Substantial reduction of fixed costs: the service provider agency requires a considerably lower expense than the one that would involve carrying out the same activity internally
  • Improvement of availability and consequent greater customer satisfaction
  • High flexibility of use: service agencies have no contractual obligations, in this way the client can outsource certain activities only for the desired period and exclusively in relation to the needs of the moment.
  • Remote work: possibility of working remotely via mobile devices and communicating in real time with your secretary
  • Opportunity to focus on the most important and profitable activities
  • Lightening of your workload , stress reduction
  • Improvement of the quality level : those that in the eyes of the client are non-core activities, are for the service companies the heart of their business. For this the outsourced activities are carried out in a professional manner.
When to outsource

During meetings, appointments with clients or business trips abroad, replacement of personnel (sickness, maternity leave, vacation ...), excessive workload to carry out, support to the secretary during peak hours.