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Category B

Corporate services Deliverable everywhere in Italy

A wide range of useful and profitable services for companies, self-employed individuals, merchants, artisans and independent contractors. Professionalism and privacy guaranteed.

Secretarial services outsite (outsourcing) or in site
This service allows you to use, when needed, for a fixed and renewable period of time, qualified personnel to be assigned to one or more secretarial jobs among those listed, which will be provided remotely or at the customer's premises, without having to bear the fixed costs and tax obligations.
Our services:
Phone calls management - Emails and correspondence also in English and French management - Payment schedules management - Customer assistance also via video call - Creation or reordering of paper and digital archives - Relationships with professionals and banks management - Drafting of commercial letters and emails - Scanning of documents and electronic sending
Possibility to choose between one or more secretarial services
Advantageous monthly packages available
Possibility to request other secretarial services not included in our list (after a feasibility study)
Time and days chosen by ther costumer
Professionalism and privacy guaranteed
All services are VAT exempt

Quote on request

Personal Assistant "to the need"
This professional figure that can be used "to the need" (min. 1 day), which could be defined as Secretary 2.0, assists the client at 360 ° by remotely managing email and correspondence also in English and French, appointments agenda with shared calendar , telephone supervision, handling of all kinds of commissions, travel arrangements and transfers.
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Phone calls management outsite (outsourcing)
A very useful service for entrepreneurs, self-employed workers and free professionals who can devote themselves to their work without being disturbed or for companies that need a temporary receptionist. Service active from Monday to Sunday from 8.00 to 20.00
How does it work? Just activate a simple call transfer to the telephone number provided by us and from that moment our representative will manage the calls, responding in a personalized way, following precise provisions previously agreed. At the end of the call, a summary message is sent in real time via e-mail, SMS or WhatsApp, containing the contact details of the caller and the reason for the call. In this way customers can be contacted according to priority.
unlimited number of phone calls
€ 70,00/day
€ 250,00/week
€ 450,00/month

Outsite or in site emails and corrispondence management, also in English and French languages
How does it work?
By allowing us to access your e-mail account we will manage all incoming and outgoing e-mails and corrispondence (also in English and French languages), following the provisions that you will indicate to us in real time or agreed in advance.
€ 80,00/day
€ 200,00/week
€ 400,00/month

Gestione agenda appuntamenti presso sede del cliente (in tutta Italia) o da remoto
In sede: il nostro incaricato gestirà con professionalità e riservatezza l'agenda appuntamenti seguendo specifiche indicazioni concordate con il cliente in precedenza o in tempo reale, a seconda delle esigenze.
Da remoto: il nostro incaricato gestirà l'agenda appuntamenti del cliente utilizzando un calendario condiviso, seguendo le specifiche indicazioni concordate in precedenza o in tempo reale.
Garantiamo massima riservatezza.
n. appuntamenti illimitato
in sede min. 1 settimana
da remoto min. 1 giorno

preventivo su richiesta

Creation or reordering of paper and digital archives
We create digital archives from files or by scanning paper documents.
We reorder the paper or digital archives already created in the best possible way, allowing greater effectiveness and speed of use.
20% discount until October 30th 

Handling commissions: municipal offices, state offices, chamber of commerce, post office, etc.
Il nostro incaricato si occuperà, con professionalità e riservatezza, di sbrigare tutte le commissioni da svolgersi presso uffici comunali, uffici statali, Camera di Commercio, Poste, etc. permettendo così al cliente o al personale interno all'azienda di concentrarsi solo sulle loro attività principali.
Garantiamo massima riservatezza.
€ 50,00/service

Drafting of commercial letters and emails
Servizio di elaborazione lettere commerciali o email.
€ 50,00/commercial letter or email

Scanning documents and electronic transmission
Scanning of paper documents and electronic sending
€ 50,00/document

Correction of drafts, catalogs, brochures, etc.

Organization of dinners and company events
Customized organization of dinners, events and corporate parties, paying the utmost attention to every detail and collaborating with the customer to satisfy every need
20% on the budget valued for the realization of the event

Organization and planning of free time for corporate clients
As part of our offer of tourist services, we specialize in organizing and scheduling the leisure time of corporate customers, assisting them during their stay in the Bergamo area, both for a few hours and for whole days, also in English and French languages and providing all transfers by private car with driver. The customized programs are created considering the clients' country of origin, the target, their habits and customs, personal interests. For visits to the city of Bergamo and to historical and artistic places we make use of qualified guides
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Booking procedure

All services can be requested from Monday to Tuesday, from 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM, with the exception of tourist services for which you can fill in the adjacent form, or by calling (+39) 339 329 6771 or (+39) 035 450 4647.

Cancellation policy without cancellation fee within the required deadline!
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What is outsourcing
Outsourcing secretarial activities allows entrepreneurs and professionals to use a valid support in the process that goes from a cost reduction to the strategic transformation of the business models. By outsourcing non-core activities not directly related to the production of profit and entrusting them to specialized external agencies, it is possible to free the internal potential of your company. The result is in most cases a clear improvement in the services rendered to the customer, for example through telephone availability and a secretarial service, combined with a significant gain in terms of time and efficiency.
The advantages of outsourcing
  • Possibility to focus only on the main activities of your work and to work undisturbed
  • Substantial reduction of fixed costs: the service provider agency requires a considerably lower expense than the one that would involve carrying out the same activity internally
  • Improvement of availability and consequent greater customer satisfaction
  • High flexibility of use: service agencies have no contractual obligations, in this way the client can outsource certain activities only for the desired period and exclusively in relation to the needs of the moment.
  • Remote work: possibility of working remotely via mobile devices and communicating in real time with your secretary
  • Opportunity to focus on the most important and profitable activities
  • Lightening of your workload , stress reduction
  • Improvement of the quality level : those that in the eyes of the client are non-core activities, are for the service companies the heart of their business. For this the outsourced activities are carried out in a professional manner.
When to outsource

During meetings, appointments with clients or business trips abroad, replacement of personnel (sickness, maternity leave, vacation ...), excessive workload to carry out, support to the secretary during peak hours.