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Category A

Services to privates

Security is guaranteed by the assignement of a Personal Identification Number associated with each requested service. The number will be communicated at the time of booking. The person entrusted for the provision of the service will carry an identification card from Multiservizi Bergamo displaying name, surname, photo and type of service.

Handling commissions: dry cleaners, shoemaker, etc.
€ 6.50 / service (within 1 km of your house)
€ 8.50 / service (over 1 km from your house)

Purchase or collection of medicines at the pharmacy
(with medical prescription already available if necessary)
€ 6.50 (within 1 km of the house)
€ 8.50 (over 1 km from your house)

Book a medical examination
(via telematics or telephone)

Accompaniment for medical visits in the Health District of Bergamo
(service provided to self-sufficient people only)
€ 25.00 / hour in the Health District of Bergamo
€ 20.00 / hour if more than 3 consecutive hours

Accompaniment for various purchases
(personal shopper)
€ 15.00 per hour on foot (minimum 1 hour)
€ 20.00 / hour by car (minimum 3 hours)

Assignment for various purchases without accompaniment
€ 6.50 / item (within 1 km of your house)
€ 8.50 / item (over 1 km from your house)

Scanning documents and electronic transmission
6,50 € / sheet with pick-up and delivery

Elaborazione lettere commerciali
Є 20,00/lettera

Organization of birthday parties, theme parties, stag and hen parties, etc.
20% on the budget valued for the realization of the event

Telematic research of the best available price for plane and railway tickets, hotel facilities, wellness centres and restaurants including eventual booking
15,00 € / service / person

Text typing with conversion to digital format

Estimations of artworks
2% - 4% on the total value of the artworks

Assistance in the selling of works of art
10% - 30% on the total value of the artwork

Estimations of artworks and assistance in the selling of ancient and modern paintings

Multiservizi Bergamo supports the customer in the process of selling works of art owned by him, making use of specialists with experience and knowledge of the market to maximize the sales result.

Service details

Booking procedure

All services can be delivered from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm, except for those with a designated date and time

The services must be booked in advance according to their category:

  • CATEGORY A) 3 days notice
  • CATEGORY B) 2 weeks notice
  • CATEGORY C) 1 week notice

To request services to be held on Saturdays it is necessary to book at least 7 days before (category A), 20 days before (category B), 14 days before (category C) of the date on which the service is provisioned.
For services of an urgent nature or outside the aforementioned time a commission of € 15.00 / service will be applied.

Cancellation policy without penaly with full refund within the set terms
Book online

Recreational and touristic services

Recreational walks, suitable for all ages, to socialize and improve your mental and physical well-being.
Organization of guided tours in Bergamo and surroundings and assistance to tourists for recreational walks.